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September 9, 2016
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Sr. Conchita’s visit to Texas – September 2016

srconchitapictureDuring the month of September, Sr. Conchita had the pleasure of visiting Austin Texas, to share with various organizations and churches the impact of the Missionary Sister of the Holy Rosary in Africa and Latin America. Below is her recount of her time spent there and organizations she associated with.


“My experience in Texas over the past seven weeks has been quite memorable. In every Church in which I spoke and every group I met the people engaged with our life as missionaries and were remarkably generous in their response. Their faith and commitment to the Church was palpable and their desire to share. Central to it all was the people’s joy in being associated with our mission in Africa and Latin America. Many came to speak of the impact of our missionary lives on them and their desire to keep in touch and support us. The ethnicity was the most diverse I have ever met and all the richer for it. People of every walk of life responded and left me humbled by their goodness.

In the city of Austin I met with members of the LAOH and AOH  who quickly grasped the message. It was not surprising as their central values are FAITH Culture and Charity. They are relatively young ,filled with energy and focus and a desire to care for the needs of elderly Sisters retired after a lifetime in Africa.

It is often said that Texans believe that everything there is bigger and better, It can be truly said of their hearts and generosity!”


-Sr. Conchita

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